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Additional Services

General Notarizations
IDS is a public official, first and foremost. We are available to all individuals, businesses and financial institutions who need our services.

Documents that may require a notarization
Affidavits Trusts
Power of Attorney
Vehicle Title Transfer
Health Care Directives
Grant Deed
Quit Claim Deed
Minor Consent Form
Application for Death or Birth Record
Copy Certification by Document Custodian
Structured Settlement
Loan Modification Agreement
Marital Settlement Agreement

and many more...

IDS has Texas state certified paralegals on staff to help you with any service you need. We can be your complete virtual assistant and office staff. Some of our services include legal and non-legal document modifications, stationary design, appointment management, office management, database management, website construction and hosting referrals and general PC repair. If there's a service you're in need of please ask that's what we're here for!

IDS provides additional services, including document modifications, accepting documents via fax or email for additional fees.

Disclaimer: IDS is not responsible for document contents if we have not prepared them.

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